Common Used Materials In Construction

To build any buildings different types of materials are to give it a design presented by the architectural designer. For example concrete, wood, metal, cement, rocks and bricks etc. In the modern world, we can get ready-made walls, mono steel stair stringers, and, roofs etc.
Cement: cement is used as the binding material in the construction of any building. It is actually one of the ingredients of that is mix together to make concrete. 

Adjustable steel column: As it is clear from the name that this column is adjustable. It is a hollow steel rod that is used to keep a post at a certain height.

Bricks: Bricks are used to build walls and in old time stairs, are attached to each other by the help of the cement.
Concrete: It is a mixture of cement and aggregate. It is used fairly cheap to afford and is quite strong in strength. It is also used in road and dam construction as well.

Metal: metal is used to build the basic structure of any building especially skyscrapers. Usually, the cheaper type of metal, steel, is used in constructing a frame of the building. The most expensive is titanium and it is used in skyscrapers to give the frame stronger support.
Glass: It is used in the windows and doors. It depends upon a person what type of glass he wants in his building as there are verities of glasses are available. For example: Completely see-through, semi-see-through a person cannot see from both sides of the glass and there are coloured ones available too. Nowadays people are also using in stairs.

Marble: In many buildings marble is used in different places like it is used in the washroom walls as it is easily maintained in washrooms. They are used in flooring and as bench tops also. Quartz and granite are also used in place of the marble.

Wood: Most commonly wood is used indoors, door frames, fences, and, stairs etc. Natural wood ply is expensive and man-made wood ply is cheap. Man-made ply is actually made by compressing the remains of the wood together that is why this type of wood is not only cheap but also easily breakable.

Plastic: Plastic is used in many places all around the building most importantly the whole drainage system is made up of plastic pipes.

Ceramics’: There are different types of tile made from ceramics that are used in small houses in rooftops, flooring, walls etc.

Ready-made things: There is ready-made material available in the market including almost everything like walls, roof, and, stairs.

There are many other constructing materials that are used in the construction of a building. The type may vary according to the size and needs of the building one is working on. This also makes a difference in the expenses of the whole project.