How Does The Temp Agency Function?

The companies which want to save themselves from the trouble of handpicking the candidates and then recruiting these or for the company who does not have their own human resource department for the recruitment procedure hire the temporary employment services or the temp agencies to hire the candidates for them. The work that the temp agency do is very much similar to the HR department but apart from this, it provides many other services as well.

One of the reason, why many companies hire the temp agencies and give the work of hiring candidates to these is because these temp agencies have a wide variety and pool of employee and various job seekers from different backgrounds and therefore, these agencies are able to find out the right candidate for the vacant position that these companies require and not only this but these could do the job in less amount of time because these do not have to wait for the CVs or the candidates to come but they already have the candidates and all they have to do is shortlist them based on the job specification and held an in office interview to even screen out the candidates who does not show much of the potential. After this final interview, the candidates which are finalized are sent to the respective company where they undergo the recruitment procedure of the company itself and then if the company management approves the candidate then the candidate is hired for the temporary assignment. Go right here to find out more details.

The question that comes to mind is that why would people want a temporary job and not the permanent one. There could be number of reasons and situation where some one could want a temporary position. For example, if a person is still studying and wants to do a temporary job for the period of his vacation or sometimes when the person is not getting any permanent position then the temporary job could add much more value to the resume and it could help the person to purse the permanent one. The temporary job could be seen as the internship or some kind of training program in which the person learns and gets the experience and then move on to find a better position permanently.

Although many people are still not in the favor of the temp agencies because they think that they cause the people to work a full time jobs in Traralgon which is equal to the permanent one but these do not provide the employee with the benefits which are given to the one who is permanent like the health insurance and others.