Reasons To Learn English As Your Second Language!

Are you from a country where English is a secondary language? Are you interested in learning English for yourself? A lot of people from many other countries excel in their own native language and this is extremely important. If you are not fluent in your native tongue, it would cause huge cultural clashes. But right now, English, next to mandarin, is the most widely spoken language in the whole world. It is said that more than one and a half billion in the world are known to speak English and this is around twenty percent of the worlds entire population! This shows just how popular the language of English is and so, you have plenty of reasons to go ahead and learn it! It is not easy to learn a new language but if you get the right materials such as books and cds, you would be able to learn it more quickly than you think. So here are the top reasons to learn English as your second language.

To study in another country

We all love our mother country but a lot of developed western countries in the world manage to hold a lot more opportunities for us more often than not. This is why most of the younger generation wishes to leave their country and move to countries like Australia, in order to pursue their higher education. If this is a plan that you have in mind, then you would need to get english for academic purposes, learn English and pass the exam before you are qualified to leave! This is one important reason to learn English.

For better work opportunities

Sometimes, our language barriers can come in between the things we love doing and this can cause us to lose out on many things in life. If you are not happy with the current job that you have, learning English and passing the oet exam could be a good way to get a better job as you want! When you live in a western country or an English speaking country, this is always something that would be checked. So by learning English, you are opening a lot of doors for yourself and making sure to move forward in life.

To move and settle

If you do not want to study or work in another country but just want to settle with a PR, you are still going to need English! Knowing this universal language is going to help you out no matter where you would go in the world.