Why Should You Consider Air Conditioning Service

Sincewe love the freedom in our house and roaming around freely and breathing easily, we all love cool air in our homes that is why we install Air Conditioner. Now I know that how much we want to stay indoors especially in summer season when the heat is blazing or when we are at work we need cold air to settle us down when we come from a blazing heat. Go here for more information about ducted heating and cooling. 

With that said it is important to maintain and get the air conditioning serviced. Just imagine you coming home after a long and tiring day, you just wish to turn on your AC and go to sleep but later you realize that your Ac is not blowing cool air as it used to, that is why it is necessary to maintain it. 

Some maintenance tip to ensure your AC works properly in summers.

When you buy an air conditioner, you will use it in the hottest days and then leave it unused in winters, after a long break you will again use it but you notice that your AC is not cooling efficiently in that matter you should first check your AC filter. Now as cars use air filter to let in more air in the engine and when the air filter is clogged up it gets replaced, same concept with AC air filter. If you see your AC filter is clogged up just clean it off, it will prevent any germs that will enter through air filter and spread around the house.

Always check the coils in the AC as with over the period of long usage these coils might get damaged when they collect all sorts of dust and other things. The air filter used in the Ac will prevent it from getting dusty. Because an Ac consists of an evaporator coil, it will get dirty over the time and because of this the cooling effect of an Ac will suffer causing you to live with warm air. It is advisable to keep a check on the coil and ensure it doesn’t gets too dirty to replace it.

Always keep a check on your coil fins. With time these coil fins will bend causing air blockage.

Keep an eye on drainage system as it gets neglected it might cause your walls and paint to get discolor.

Always make sure that seal between the AC and window frame are making a contact otherwise all the cool air will go away.
When getting ready for winter it is advisable to cover the outer unit of AC so that in winters when it snows it doesn’t effects the Ac.

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